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Jesus Himself taught that marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others (Matthew 19:4-6) and the Christian Church encourages couples on that wonderful journey. Here at St. Mary's we want you both to enjoy all that your future holds together under God and we believe this church is a truly beautiful setting to help enhance your wedding day. Whether or not you are baptised or go to church regularly we welcome you and want to help you make the most of this special day, and of the days ahead of you both.


There are a number of different connections you may have with St. Mary’s Church which will qualify you to be married here, in addition to you or your partner living in the parish or worshipping regularly here, and we will be delighted to offer help, guidance and advice.


All couples who wish to get married in St. Mary’s will benefit from at least one meeting with the priest who will be carrying out their wedding. This provides an opportunity for the priest to get to know them  before the wedding day, and will be designed to help couples with preparation for their service, as well as offering practical guidance for their relationship. Aspects of this meeting or meetings, will provide information about the wedding itself, considering both what it means to be married in a Christian service in addition to addressing practical aspects such as legal requirements, choices for readings, hymns, music, flowers, bells and so on.


Your wedding is a very exciting time and there is much to prepare for, so we have created two documents which we pray will be helpful to you as you look forward to getting married at St. Mary's Andover.

Click Here for our 'Preparing for Marriage' 2019 Booklet

Click Here for our 'Information for Couples' 2019 Leaflet

For additional information about getting married in St. Mary's Church, please contact the Church Office.

Reading of Marriage Banns in St. Mary's Church


As part of the legal preparation for your marriage, if you live in our Parish, you will need to have your Banns read in St. Mary's Church. This is a public announcement of your forthcoming wedding.
Your Banns will be read during our service starting at 10.30am, usually on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sunday, 2 months before your wedding month.
To apply for the reading of your Banns, please download this form (PDF) , complete and return it to the church office (either by email or through the post) as soon as possible. There is an additional fee for the reading of your Banns. Details of the fee for this year and how to pay are on the second page of the form.

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