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Small Groups:

Small Groups
make up the fellowship of St. Mary's Church of which Home Groups form a key, functional part.
By the grace of God the ministry of Small Groups, one of the three areas we are addressing which we believe is the Vision that the Lord has for us here at St. Mary’s, is developing and growing significantly.

We believe that spiritual growth and Christian community happen best in such informal groups and we encourage all people who are a part of St. Mary’s to be actively involved or connected to one of these groups.

The groups provide support and fellowship for individuals relationally, helping to build community. They challenge members to use their gifts and abilities as they love, support, serve and celebrate together. Home Groups ensure personal spiritual growth and facilitate growth through prayer, Bible study, friendship, mission, food, social activities and fun! 

They are a great way to make friends, and an ideal base from which to become more involved in the Church as each group has its own distinct emphasis and style.

We are seeing that Home Groups do work, simply by the growth that God
is continuing to bless His Church with at this time. We have Home Groups meeting on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings and one on a Monday afternoon.

The success of two of our Alpha Courses has led to the formation of new Home Groups, as most of the members valued the opportunity
to continue meeting together regularly. They also want to ensure that they continue to grow in their walk with God, through Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We thank the Lord for His blessing on St. Mary's and are excited by all He is doing in the lives of each individual, as we continue to grow together under God, learning more fully to be the person He created us to be, living out Jesus' call to mission.

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